A creative and professional pursuit

Harshan Thomson has been photographing architectural and design works across Asia for over 15 years. With his training as an architect, a keen eye for aesthetics and the experience of understanding light, Harshan is always keen on creating images of buildings and structures as lifelike as possible. Architectural photography for him is as a way to satisfy both creative and professional pursuits.

His principle aim is maintaining proportions and producing honest images while achieving technical excellence on every assignment. His works have been widely published in a diverse range of architectural and design journals across the world.

Working with the world’s finest camera system – Cambo WRS system technical bodies, Schneider Digitar optics and Mamiya Leaf Credo digital backs. He also uses full-frame 35mm cameras with the highly resolved TSE lenses from Canon. Harshan believes in making the best use of light to enhance architectural forms and materials, ambient light on its own or in combination with fill flash. Critical areas that Harshan focuses on for setting up a precision composition are choosing the right focal length, angle, height of camera, lens movements for controlling converging lines etc.

Duxford Air Museum by Norman Foster